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Orange Audubon Society (OAS), a non-profit organization, is a chapter of National Audubon Society (NAS) and Audubon Florida. Your basic membership of $20 supports our efforts to safeguard Florida’s natural environment, and entitles you to receive three publications: NAS’ bimonthly magazine, Audubon; Audubon Florida’s triannual publication, Audubon Florida Naturalist; and OAS’ monthly newsletter, OASis. Corrections or questions on your local membership? Please email info@orangeaudubonfl.org.

The base membership rate is $20 ($15 for full-time students). When you join or renew, a set amount of your initial year dues goes to National Audubon, and the balance returns to OAS to benefit your local chapter and community. Please consider increasing this amount to help OAS’s operational and conservation efforts. You can support your local community EVEN MORE by 1) elevating your membership dues to one of the higher categories, and/or 2) indicating what amount above the base $20 should stay with your local chapter.

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