Orange Audubon Society meetings are normally held the 3rd Thursday of every month (Sept. - June) at 7 pm in the Camellia Room at:

Harry P. Leu Garden
1920 North Forest Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803-1537

For Directions to Leu Gardens please click HERE

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Orange Audubon Society relies on the involvement and support of individuals like you to conserve the birds, wildlife, and natural ecosystems of the Central Florida area.

Interested in becoming a member? Just print and mail this membership form with a check to become part of the Orange Audubon Society.

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If you need to RENEW your membership, please wait for National Audubon to mail you the renewal form, please do not use the membership form. If questions on your renewal date,


Your basic membership of $20.00 supports our efforts to help safeguard Florida's natural environment, makes you a member of Orange Audubon Society, Audubon Florida and National Audubon, and entitles you to receive three publications:
The Florida Naturalist


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Orange Audubon Society
Officers for 2016-2017

  • President; Rick Baird, (407) 277-3357

  • 1st Vice Pres: Deborah Green, (407) 637-2525

  • 2nd Vice Pres: Dena Wild,

  • Secretary: Mary Keim,

  • Treasurer: Teresa Williams, (407) 644-0796

Committee Chairs

  • Birdathon: Kathy Rigling, (407) 488-9559

  • Climate: Mike Broussard, (407) 649-8717

  • Conservation: Michael Jones,

  • Education: Melissa Gonzale, (239) 404-9248

  • Field Trips: Larry Martin, (407) 647-5834

  • Finance: Milton Heiberg, (407) 658-4869

  • Hospitality: Laurel Roberts, (407) 277-3357

  • Mead Garden: Larry Martin, (407) 647-5834

  • Membership: Deborah Green, (407) 637-2525                                              and Linda Gaunt, (941) 704-1189

  • Member Data: Mike Daley, (407) 417-7818

  • Nature Edu. Cntr: Deborah Green, (407) 637-2525

  • Nominating: Linda Gaunt, 941) 704-1189

  • OASis Editor: Deborah Green, (407) 637-2525

  • Photo Contest: Teresa Williams, (407) 644-0796

  • Programs: Dena Wild,

  • Publicity: Jackie Masterski,

  • Silent Auction: Teresa Williams, (407) 644-0796

  • Speakers’ Bureau: Linda Carpenter, (407) 628-4633

  • Webmaster: Milton Heiberg, (407) 658-4869

  • Wildlife Surveys: Mary Keim,

Board of Directors

  • Board Member: Rick Baird, 407-277-3357

  • Board Member: Linda Carpenter, 407-628-4633

  • Board Member: Melissa Gonzalez, 239-404-9248

  • Board Member: Deborah Green, 407-637-2525

  • Board Member: Milton Heiberg, 407-658-4869

  • Board Member: Killian Hiltz, 407-

  • Board Member: Mary Keim, 407-851-5416

  • Board Member: Larry Martin, 407-647-5834

  • Board Member: Jackie Masterski, 407-862-2325

  • Board Member: Brent Mobley, 407-376-1722

  • Board Member: Kathy Rigling, 407-488-9559

  • Board Member: Dena Wild, 407-648 9814

  • Board Member: Teresa Williams, 407-644-0796

About Us

The purpose and dedication of Orange Audubon Society (OAS) is to promote public understanding of, and an interest in, wildlife and the environment that supports it. OAS’ education programs foster the recognition of the tangible and intangible values in the remaining natural areas of Florida and the world, and our responsibility for the conservation of the Earth’s natural ecosystems and the services that they provide for the health of the planet.

Speakers Bureau

Orange Audubon Society has a list of speakers who are willing to address schools and organizations on subjects such as birds, plants, the environment, and Florida outdoors. 

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or email

Linda Carpenter


Orange Audubon Society
P.O. Box 941142
Maitland, Florida 32794