Orange Audubon Society meetings are normally held the 3rd Thursday of every month (Sept. - June) at 7 pm in the Camellia Room at:

Harry P. Leu Garden
1920 North Forest Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803-1537

For Directions to Leu Gardens please click HERE

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Orange Audubon Society relies on the involvement and support of individuals like you to conserve the birds, wildlife, and natural ecosystems of the Central Florida area.

Interested in becoming a member? Just print and mail this membership form to become part of the Orange Audubon Society.

If you need to RENEW your membership, please wait for National Audubon to mail you the renewal form, please do not use the membership form .

Your basic membership of $20.00 supports our efforts to help safeguard Florida's natural environment, and also entitles you to receive three publications:

The Florida Naturalist

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Orange Audubon Society's

2017 (29th Annual)

Kit and Sidney Chertok

Nature Photography Contest



To promote interest and concern for preserving the native fauna and flora of Florida, and to encourage nature photography and enjoyment and appreciation of our natural wonders. 

CONTEST THEME: Florida Native Nature

Photograph the amazing Florida native plants, animals, landscapes and habitats of Florida. Help to raise awareness to protect Florida’s biological diversity.


Novice Open to new and less experienced photo hobbyists of all ages. 

Advanced Open to experienced photographers of all ages who have practiced and honed their skills over time.

Youth Open to all photographers 17 years of age or younger

ELIGIBILITY: Open to all photographers.  However, Orange Audubon Society board members and Chertok contest committee members are not eligible to participate.

ENTRY DEADLINE for ALL entries: April 20, 2017


Novice & Advanced  Youth

ELIGIBILITY SCREENING: All entries must be postmarked by April 20, 2017  and will be screened to assure that they meet eligibility requirements.  To increase knowledge of Florida native fauna and flora and enhance other educational aspects of the contest, participants will be notified soon thereafter if any entry is disqualified. Photographer may optionally replace such image with no additional entry fee, but such replacements must be submitted by May 18, 2017 (postmarked by date) and meet all other contest

Contact Teresa if you have questions: or (407) 644-0796. 

Thanks so much.


Contest Archive

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Special thanks to Colonial Photo & Hobby for co-sponsoring our Photo Contests!

Speakers Bureau

Orange Audubon Society has a list of speakers who are willing to address schools and organizations on subjects such as birds, plants, the environment, and Florida outdoors. 

Click Here

or email

Linda Carpenter