Orange Audubon Society meetings are normally held the 3rd Thursday of every month (Sept. - June) at 7 pm in the Camellia Room at:

Harry P. Leu Garden
1920 North Forest Avenue
Orlando, FL 32803-1537

For Directions to Leu Gardens please click HERE

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Orange Audubon Society relies on the involvement and support of individuals like you to conserve the birds, wildlife, and natural ecosystems of the Central Florida area.

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Your basic membership of $20.00 supports our efforts to help safeguard Florida's natural environment, makes you a member of Orange Audubon Society, Audubon Florida and National Audubon, and entitles you to receive three publications:

The Florida Naturalist


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Orange Audubon Society (OAS), a non-profit organization, is a chapter of National Audubon Society (NAS) and Audubon Florida. Your basic membership of $20 supports our efforts to safeguard Florida's natural environment, and entitles you to receive three publications: NAS' bimonthly magazine, Audubon; Audubon Florida's triannual publication, Audubon Florida Naturalist; and OAS' monthly newsletter, OASis.

If you need to RENEW your membership, please wait for National Audubon to mail you the renewal form ... please do not use this NEW membership form below. Thank you.

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The special introductory rate is $20 [Fulltime student rate = $15].  When you join using an Orange Audubon membership form, your initial year dues will be returned by National Audubon to benefit your local chapter and community.  Please consider increasing this amount to help your Orange Audubon chapter's operational and conservation efforts.

____ $20($15) – egret

____ $35 – wren

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____ $100 – jay

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National Audubon Society

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Orphaned or

Injured Wildlife?

What to do if you find a baby bird

In many cases “orphaned” baby birds are kidnapped when they should be left alone, not taken to a rehabber.

Audubon Center for Birds of Prey (Raptors Only)

Back to Nature Wildlife Refuge

Fly By Night (Bats Only)

The Avian Reconditioning Center (Birds of Prey)

Haven for Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Earth Angels' Wildlife (squirrels, raccoons)
407-292-5232 (Nancy)
407-570-7153 (Laurie)
407-349-2889 (Diane)

All wildlife rehabilitators are supported primarily through donations. Please help support their "labor of love".

Speakers Bureau

Orange Audubon Society has a list of speakers who are willing to address schools and organizations on subjects such as birds, plants, the environment, and Florida outdoors. 

Click Here

or email

Linda Carpenter


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